Nutrisystem Reviews - vs Jenny Craig

If you are considering starting one of the Nutrisystem diet plans, then the investigation done in this article makes it one of the most important articles you will read this year! There are several crucial points you need to know, before you decide whether to begin. I will discuss below the results of Nutrisystem reviews by former diet plan users, as well as a discussion of Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig. You can read this page to learn more about JC: Jenny Craig Cost.

In any investigation of Nutrisystem, we have to begin with the biggest complaint: the food. Not only do Nutrisystem reviews characterize it as very bland and tasteless, but it contains excessively high amounts of "low quality" carbs, as well as other questionable ingredients. And yet, customers report that the Nutrisystem menu limits you to low amounts of total calories, which they say make you feel constantly hungry and unsatisfied.

As for Nutrisystem D (their special program for diabetics), users say that the food on this plan is not only bland, it is "inedible". They report that the "awful" food upset their stomach and gave them "terrible gas" attacks. Worst of all, some diabetics confirm that their blood sugar levels actually rose while on this diet plan. Again, this is most likely due to the large volume of "low quality" carbs in the plan.

As for a comparison of Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig, JC is more expensive than NS but they are both very costly to join. In either case, you will end up paying thousands of dollars per year!

And that's just for the JC and NS "basic" plans. Those lower-priced plans leave out many essentials, but they don't tell you that until you've already signed up. Then, when you discover what's missing, you are forced to "upgrade" to their even more expensive plans, to get a diet plan you can actually use long-term.

On top of that, both JC and NS tell the dieter that they must purchase additional foods from their grocer (fresh foods and dairy) on a regular basis. This of course, increases the already high cost, even further.

Worst of all, customers report that they often encountered trouble with the Nutrisystem money-back guarantee. Even though it implies you have 14 days to "test" the system, that is false. In reality, if you don't contact them within the 14 days (and get a verifiable record of your call), you stand little chance of getting a refund. Plus, it is widely reported that they then charge you for an additional month, even though you have already told them you don't want to continue!

In summary, Nutrisystem reviews by customers who have actually tried the system, complain of its many different faults. And in comparing Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig, both plans are found to be very expensive and certainly not worth the money. Fortunately, you can achieve the same fat loss results, while eating much healthier and better-tasting food, and at a far lower cost. Learn More about cheaper and healthier options at Jenny Craig Food.