Jenny Craig Plan - Secrets Unveiled

How does the Jenny Craig Plan work? Is the diet merely a momentary fix, or is it a long-term eating plan? What is the secret method they employ to put together their weight losing products and their weight losing supplements? Is their meal plan method a necessary component? And what causes this diet plan to be one of the most widely sold diet plans? more about Jenny Craig Reviews...

Your Jenny Craig plan journey, commences with a puzzling list of decisions. First, you must decide whether you want to deal with them in person (at one of their "consultant" branches) or online (by joining their "Jenny Direct" alternative). Nevertheless, you must begin the plan with an in-person appointment, with one of their "nutritional consultants" (i.e. sales persons).

Next, there is the confounding assortment of different Jenny Craig plans. The Gold program, the Platinum program, the Jenny Rewards program, the Jenny On-Track program, the Jenny Tune-Up program, etc, etc, etc. Given the surprising prices of these programs, your selection is usually based upon how much you can pay, instead of what Jenny Craig plan would work best for you.

When you finally make your choice, you'll realize that the actual meal plan - is nothing extraordinary. The various decisions listed earlier, basically change only in the way the nutritional plan is executed.

The actual eating itself follows a standard pathway. You decide on a meal plan, targeted to your lifestyle. You are then forced to rely on Jenny Craig plan prepared meals (which you must buy from them), for almost all of your eating requirements.

Additional to the meals, there is motivational "advice", which can include one on one meetings, group talks, audio tapes to listen to, written materials with your homework assignments and other similar stuff.

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