Jenny Craig Part 2

Jenny Craig Reviews - Other Issues

A few other "discoveries" you make about Jenny Craig, while you're on their program:

(Note: This is the continuation of a 2-part post. If you haven't already read Part 1, you can do that at: Jenny Craig Cost)

Remember those "consultants" mentioned above? Well basically, their job is to just stand there and watch you as you weigh in, each visit, in public - so that they can write down the number for you!

Which is not that surprising, when the sales people tell you that their diet plan is for people who "cannot think for themselves"!

Worse than that, their local centers seem to have a high staff turnover rate. Which means by the time you get comfortable with a "consultant" - they leave!

On another note, you don't want to see your serving sizes on their plan. Rather than satisfying your appetite (as they claim), the Jenny Craig meals leave you feeling unsatisfied and even a bit empty. And it's much worse if you're eating with other people - watching them enjoying their meal - while you suffer, eating without enjoyment.

Worse than that, I discovered (after my sister and I had stopped) - that some of their meals are not healthy for you!

Reports by Health Experts confirm that those high-priced, prepared Jenny Craig foods are "highly processed and full of artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and sugar."

The Secret Way To Get Jenny Craig - Without The High Cost

Does Jenny Craig work? It seems so. But the high Jenny Craig cost makes it one of the most expensive ways to lose weight. So how can you get the same results, while spending much less money?

The secret is to keep the things that work, while letting go of the unnecessary "extras" they force you to pay for - that you can easily do without.

You don't need the unhealthy, high-priced, pre-packaged, Jenny Craig foods.

You don't need the high-priced "consultants", because they don't seem to know much about losing weight, and they just stand there watching you as you weigh in, in public.

You don't need the inconvenience of the frequent in-person visits (which are really only used to justify paying extra for the "consultants"), because you can do the same thing in the comfort of your own home!

Here are the things you need (including those essentials that Jenny Craig's results are built on), that will give you weight loss success:

* A safe, nutritious, healthy diet plan.
* Which means no pills, bars, shakes, or other unnecessary high-cost "supplements".
* The ability to get the same kind of Coaching that Jenny Craig offers - but without the thousands of dollars Jenny Craig charges!
* Easy-to-follow videos of any exercises they recommend.
* And best of all, something available online, so you can start immediately!

Fortunately, you can enjoy all these benefits... and at a much lower price than the very expensive Jenny Craig cost.

And you could be 10 pounds, 20 pounds... or even 50-100 pounds lighter. And just as fast as Jenny Craig works, because this is the same type of program - but without the high cost... continue reading...