Jenny Craig Canada and UK

Warning: If you are considering joining the Jenny Craig diet program and you live in either of these countries, then reading this page could be the most important step you take towards losing weight! As opposed to how easy it is to find information about this program in its country of origin (America), it is far more difficult to find reliable, behind-the-advertisements, true information about Jenny Craig Canada or Jenny Craig UK. So this article will target the JC program in those two nations only. Note: You can also read an interesting comparison of similar programs at Nutrisystem Reviews.

As expected, the most frequently-heard complaints about Jenny Craig in America, followed the program when it was first introduced into Canada and Britain. These include the boredom of sticking to a limited selection of pre-packaged meals, the starvation-level servings, the compulsory exercise requirements and of course, the painfully high cost.

Alarmingly though, as Jenny Craig expanded outside of America, more serious failings of this diet plan began to leak out...

The best summaries of these problems were provided by former employees, who found the diet program and the company behind it, disappointing to say the least. Some important restated quotes from these former JC employees follow:

Jenny Craig Canada

With a Graduate degree in Nutritional Sciences, I was hired by Jenny Craig and began their employee training program. However, rather than being actual training in diet, weight loss, food science or nutrition - it consisted exclusively of learning sales scripts!

You only get 15 minutes to "make the sale", so everything is about pressuring the poor overweight sap into signing and paying up. The script that Jenny Craig designed for use on the "most desperate" prospects, was the one that most made me feel like throwing up.

I was surprised that even as an employee, it was impossible for me to find any detailed information on the nutritional content of the pre-packaged foods, their quality level, or the presence of the many chemicals now known to be used in their preparation.

Meeting my fellow JC "consultants" (i.e. sales reps) was the biggest shock of all. They were all on the Jenny Craig diet - and they were all fat! I can't imagine what our disillusioned clients thought.

Jenny Craig UK

The program restricts you to tasteless, calorie-limited, "fast food" style microwaveable food.

Rather than being able to help the customer lose their unwanted bodyfat, we were told firmly that our primary responsibility was to sell products to the customer. When I asked how a JC "consultant" can be a weight loss coach and a product-pushing salesman at the same time, the answer I was given was "the more you sell, the better a consultant you are".

It appears that we, the vulnerable dieting public, are very fortunate that JC expanded out to multiple countries. Employees from both Jenny Craig Canada and Jenny Craig UK, have blown open the hidden deceptions behind this widespread product-pushing multinational. For tips on how to find cheaper, healthier alternatives, you are welcome to read How Much Does Jenny Craig Cost...